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Perspectives, Issues and Research in Teacher Education

The course- Perspectives, issues and research in teacher education is a 60 hour 4 credit course having 35 modules. The time distribution will be as follows:

  1. Self-Study through Video & Text - 35 hours
  2. Participation in discussion forum - 05 hours
  3. Web Search/ Library Search - 10 hours
  4. Assessment/Assignment - 10 hours


S.No. Modules
1 Evolving a taxonomy of educational skills
2 Techno- Pedagogic Analysis
3 Development of Info-savvy Skills
4 Teacher in the digital age
5 21st century Teacher
6 Learner Driven Pedagogy: From constructivism to connectivism
7 Research Scenario of Teacher Education in India- I
8 Research Scenario of Teacher Education in India- II
9 Research Scenario of Teacher Education in India- III
10 Basic Tenets of Qualitative Research
11 Research Synthesis
12 Researching Pioneer Competencies in India
13 Educational Research & Sustainable Development
14 Methodological issues of Research in Teacher Education
15 Predictors of the competencies of the teachers and teacher educators
16 Teacher Education on Health in India
17 Teacher Education on Emotional Maturity
18 Teacher Education in Quest of Peace
19 Thinking Scenario of Teacher Educators
20 Science Education for holistic development of teachers
21 Innovations in Teacher Education
22 National Council of Teacher Education: Structure & Functions
23 Scope of Teacher Education Programs in India
24 Scenario of Teacher education in ancient and medieval India
25 Scenario of Teacher Education in Modern and Contemporary India
26 Teacher Education in India: Issues and Concerns
27 Education in search of identity
28 Teacher Today: A Reality Check
29 Integration of ICT Aided Constructivist Approach in Education
30 Enhancement of creative writing abilities of the learners through participatory approach
31 Human Resource Development in the DIETs of Rajasthan
32 Teacher Education on Human Rights
33 Teacher Education and School Education Symbiosis
34 Teacher Competencies: Mapping and Management
35 Sustainable Development of the Learners Without Eye Vision_The case of Dharmesh
  Course Coordinator
Prof. DevrajGoel


  Course Co-Coordinator
Prof. Chhaya Goel

Department of Education (CASE)
Faculty of Education and Psychology
The M.S.University of Baroda

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