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Food Nutrition for Healthy Living

Dear Viewers, this course is just into its second year of the offer and it is already one top MOOC Course. Why? Because it generates curiosity and interest among all and answers many a questions that arise in minds of people relating to health and well being.

Who can imagine life without Food! Food is basic to our existence. Food is a key player in socialisation and social cohesion. There have been several reports of malnutrition or deaths due to poor nutrition, which have stirred the conscience of many. If you are one among those, we have this course for you. These days, nearly everyone is conscious about health and fitness. They want to know what to eat, how much to eat, how to prepare and how frequently to eat to remain active, healthy and fit. If you are one among those, this course is certainly for you. These days most people have heard about nutrient related terms through advertisements, their medical reports etc. They have heard about proteins, Calories, Vit. D, iron, fibre, cholesterol, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol etc. etc. They are eager to know which foods contain what, which foods to eat more in what conditions, which to avoid. Some people are concerned about the proper growth and development of their children. Adolescents are concerned about their figure. Parents are concerned about the performance of their children. Some are worried about their obesity while others are concerned about their low energy level. Commonly people ask how much should be their weight, how can they prevent their old age problems etc. If you are one among those this course is for you. Some people are confused with the glut of food and fitness products available in the market, all claiming to be almost miraculous. If you want to know whether these will do any good to you, this course is for you!

The course has 20 interesting modules which will answer most of your questions and concerns. If any remain, here are we, I and my team who will be there to interact with you and satisfy your quest for knowing what you are looking for.

The 20 modules of the course deal with all aspects of Food, Nutrition, Health, Fitness and Hygiene and their interrelationships. Some of the titles include General knowledge about food selection for health and fitness; assessment of nutritional status, malnutrition; meal planning and minimising food wastage; healthy lifestyle - eating behaviour, physical activity, sleep and stress management; food labelling; food safety; nutraceuticals and functional foods etc. Aren’t these fascinating!

Some of the things the course takers will be able to do after doing this course are

  1. Assess nutritional status.
  2. Take preventive measures for better health.
  3. Identify what lifestyle changes are required for health and wellness.
  4. Interpret the food labels and make appropriate selection of foods and beverages.
  5. Identify the medicinal properties of foods and food ingredients.

This is a 5 months duration course. One module shall be delivered per week. Each module of the course will have four quadrants, text, Video along with transcription; web links (to know more about the concept from other resources over the web), self assessment questions (MCQs, true/false, one word answers etc.) and learner will be motivated to have more interaction in discussion forums.

Myself, Professor in the NCERT along with my colleagues from NCERT, Prof. Suniti Sanwal and Dr. Yash Paul Sharma, from Central Institute of Educational Technology, will be interacting with you during the course. So, hurry up and join the course. I am sure you will love it.

  Course Coordinator
Dr. Poonam Agrawal

DGS, NCERT, New Delhi

  Course Co-Coordinator
Dr. Yash Paul Sharma

CIET, NCERT, New Delhi

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