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Physics XI Part-II

Physics Course 2 covers the second book of physics for class 11. The course starts with bulk properties of matter, giving scientific names to many phenomena that we observe around us. The course explains the peculiar behaviour of materials in different states of matter. This part is therefore very exciting. We will cover kinetic theory of gases and thermodynamics. Both these units will help us to justify the behaviour of gases for innumerable uses related to getting mechanical work done by heat. The challenging unit on oscillations and waves has been dealt with differently to explain kinematics and dynamic of oscillators. Wave motion as a method of energy propagation and properties of waves, the cases of superposition are explained with simplicity. The course has 4 units covered over 42 modules for better understanding. Based on feedback from teachers and students we have included modules after completion of each unit to enhance the unit by additional examples and explanations.

Table of Content

S.No. Modules

Unit 7: Properties of Bulk Matter

Module 1: Bulk properties of matter

Module 2: Elastic behaviour of materials

Module 3: Searle’s apparatus

Module 4: Bulk Modulus of Elasticity

Module 5: Modulus of Rigidity

Module 6: Pressure Exerted by Fluids

Module 7: Viscosity

Module 8: Fluid flow

Module 9: Bernoulli’s principle

Module 10: Surface tension

Module 11: Effects of surface tension

Module 12: Thermal energy and temperature

Module 13: Thermal expansion

Module 14: Specific heat

Module 15: Change of state

Module 16: Heat transfer

Module 17: Radiation

Unit 7: Properties of Bulk Matter _Study Guide


Unit 8: Thermodynamics

Module 1: Basics of thermodynamics

Module 2: Internal energy

Module 3: First law of thermodynamics

Module 4: Second law of thermodynamics

Module 5: Refrigerator

Module 6: Questions based on thermodynamics

Unit 8: Thermodynamics _ Study Guide


Unit 9: Behaviour of Perfect gases and Kinetic Theory

Module 1: Ideal Gas

Module 2: Pressure exerted by a gas

Module 3: Speed of molecules of a gas

Module 4: Degree of freedom

Unit 9: Behaviour of Perfect gases and Kinetic Theory _Study Guide


Unit 10: Oscillation and Waves

Module 1: Periodic motion

Module 2: Simple harmonic motion

Module 3: Kinematics of an oscillator

Module 4: Mechanical energy of a harmonic oscillator

Module 5: Dynamics of a Harmonic Oscillator

Module 6: Simple Pendulum

Module 7:Simple Pendulum and its Applications

Module 8: Free Forced Vibrations and Resonance

Module 9: Propagation of Energy-Wave Motion

Module 10: Propagation of Waves

Module 11: Properties of Waves

Module 12: Standing Waves in Strings

Module 13: Standing waves in Pipes

Module 14: Beats

Module 15: Doppler’s Effect

Unit 10: Oscillation and Waves _Study Guide

  Course Coordinator
Anuradha Mathur

CIET, NCERT, New Delhi

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