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Business Studies XI Part-I

Starting a business enterprise is similar to any other human effort in which resources are employed to achieve certain objectives. Successful results in business depend largely upon the ability of the entrepreneurs or the starters of a new business to anticipate problems and solve them with minimum cost. This is especially true of the modern business world where competition is very tough and risks are high. Some of the problems, which business firms encounter, are of basic nature. For example, to start a factory, plans must be made about the location of the business, the possible number of customers, the kind of equipment required and the amount of money needed to procure them, the shop layout, purchasing and financing needs, and hiring of workers for its effective implementation. These problems become more complex in a big business. One can flounce to start the business who studies the business formalities like selection of line of business, size of the firm, form of ownership, location of business enterprise, getting financial resources, physical facilities, plant layout, competent and committed work force, tax planning and launching the enterprise.

  Course Coordinator
Dr. Punnam Veeraiah

RIE Campus, Shyamla Hills, Bhopal

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