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Math- Magic Class V

Chapter 1- Part-1 The Fish Tale

Chapter 1- Part-2 Fishermen in their Boats

Chapter 1- Part-3 Some Big, Big numbers

Chapter 2 Part-1 Shapes and Angles

Chapter 2 Part-2 Angle Tester

Chapter 2 Part-3 Shapes and Towers

Chapter 3 Part-1 How many Squares

Chapter 3 Part-2 How many Squares in me

Chapter 3 Part-3 Puzles with Five Squares

Chapter 4 Part-1 Parts and Wholes

Chapter 4 Part-2 Greedy Gatekeeper

Chapter 4 Part-3 Game Who Colours the first Circle

Chapter 4 Part-4 An Old Woman_s Will

Chapter 5 Part-1 Does it Look the Same

Chapter 5 Part-2 Practice Time

Chapter 6 Part-1 Be my Multiple, I_ll be your Factor

Chapter 6 Part-2 Puzzle Tamarind Seeds

Chapter 7 Part-1 Can you see the Pattern

Chapter 7 Part-2 Magic Hexagons

Chapter 7 Part-3 Some more number Patterns

Chapter 8 Part-1 Mapping Your Way

Chapter 8 Part-2 Make it bigger, Make it Smaller

Chapter 9 Boxes and Sketches

Chapter 10 Part-1 Tenths and Hundreths

Chapter 10 Part-2 Whose tail is the Longest

Chapter 10 Part-3 Practice Time

Chapter 11 Part-1 Area and its Boundary

Chapter 11 Part-2 Share the Land

Chapter 12 Part-1 Smart Charts

Chapter 12 Part-2 Hot and Cold

Chapter 13 Part-1 Ways to Multiply n ad divide

Chapter 13 Part-2 Satish_s Story

Chapter 13 Part-3 Practice Time

Chapter 14 Part-1 How Big How Heavy

Chapter 14 Part-2 Which pipe fills more

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