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Honey Suckle

Notes for the Teacher (Units 1-3)

Chapter-1 Who Did Patrick-s Homework

Poem 1 A House, A Home

Chapter-2 How Dog Found Himself A New Master

Poem 2 The Kite

Chapter-3 Taro-s Reward

Poem 3- The Quarrel

Notes for the Teacher (Units 4-7)

Chapter-4 An Indian American Woman in Space- Kalpana Chawla

Poem 4 The Beauty

Chapter-5 A Different kind of School

Poem 5 Where Do all the Teachers go

Chapter-6 Who I am

Poem 6 The Wonderful Words

Chapter-7 Fair Play

Notes for the Teacher (Units 8-10)

Chapter-8 A Game Of Chance

Poem 7 Vocation

Chapter-9 Desert Animals

Poem 8 What If

Chapter-10 The Banyan Tree

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