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National Council of Educational Research and Training

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System of Online Application for Recruitment (SOAR)

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FAQs for filling online application for Post of LDC in NCERT

FAQ for filling and submitting application form for the post of LDC

1. Can DD/Banker Cheque details needs to be provided with online application form or we can submit later with Hard copy?
Ans. DD/Banker Cheque details must be provided while submitting online form only.

2. Can DD/Banker Cheque will be prepared from any bank.
Ans.  Yes, from any Nationalized Bank, but same should be payable at New Delhi.

3. Can hard copy of the application form is compulsory to be sent to NCERT?
Ans.  Yes. Signed copy of the online application form along with fees, if applicable should be sent to the NCERT. Your online application can be accepted only after receiving signed copy of the application form applied online.

4. Can along with hard copy, copy of the other documents are required to be enclosed?
Ans.  No, only singed hard copy of the application form generated through online system is to be sent. However, in case of no fees exemption claimed, along with filled in application form DD/Banker Cheque mentioning the Unique Registration Number (URN) on the back side of DD/Banker Cheque to be sent.

5. Can I send hard copy of the application form by speed post/courier or submit it by hand by visiting NCERT.
Ans.  No, hard copy can only be sent through ordinary post.

6. Can any type of query will be raised on the email ID provided in the advertisement.
Ans.  Email Id is given to help applicant who are facing problem in submitting online application form and no other query raised on this email ID will be replied.

7. Due to my internet problem, printer problem, electricity problem etc. I am not able to note down my URN. Kindly provide detail of the same.
Ans. It is not possible to entertain such type of queries. However, if registration number is not noted then get your registration number (URN) from  “Forgot Registration Number link” and get the reprint from “Reprint Application” link.

8. Can any amendment will be made after online submission of application form.
Ans. No. Hence, before submitting online application, make sure that all the details mentioned by you in the application are correct, as after submission of online application no amendments will be made.

9. What is URN?
Ans.  URN is a Unique Registration Number which generates after submitting the online form. URN is required to reprint the application/know your application status and get copy of admit card etc.

10. Can I visit NCERT for my queries or make call to any officer in NCERT.
Ans.   No, this act may be treated as disqualification for applying for any post in NCERT. 

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